Qigong translates to 'Energy Work' and is a root term for what used to be called Tao Yin.  Qigong is used by millions of people around the world as a form of health enhancement.  There are hundreds of styles of Qigong based on your specific needs that you could do.  For example you could practice the 8 Section Brocade which consists of 8 standing slow moving exercises that move energy through your whole body.  Or if you are looking to strengthen your immune system you could learn the Fire Dragon or Tiger Qigong systems. If you wanted martial power there are dynamic tension styles of Qigong which involve the tightening of various muscle groups and focusing on bringing energy to your palms.  There is also Qigong done seated for Spiritual Awakening.  Regardless of the purpose, there is more than likely a Qigong form for it.  

    Qigong involves in most cases either a moving or still posture, some type of breath, and focusing your mind on a part of your body or on a visualization. 

    If you are interested in learning Qigong as a form of Self-treatment for a chronic condition, we can tailor a specific Medical Qigong program for you.  The practices are easy enough to learn in person or online and over time the practices can be adjusted to suit your particular needs. 


    We also offer a private lesson program in Spiritual awakening although not everyone will be accepted as a student for various reasons. The Spiritual awakening methods are meant for those who have a sincere desire to look inside themselves and to confront their emotions and their ego.   


    To develop your program please email: