Primordial Taiji symbol 

Primordial Wushu (Kung Fu)


    Primordial energy represents the energy of the Universe.  Daoism represents the philosophy of Yin, Yang, and Qi and forms the basis of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Kung Fu is the Western term for what the Chinese call Wushu.  Wushu represents the traditional fighting arts of China and is separate from the sport version of wushu which is mainly for show and includes many acrobatics.


    Traditional Wushu is not overly flowery and is designed for health and practical self-defense.  Real Wushu develops the practitioners Qi or Life Force and harnasses its power for health and self-defense only.  The Kungfu that we will learn stems form the Primordial or Immortal tradition of the Zhang Family and Longmen Pai sect of Mt. Qingcheng and it’s surrounding area of West Sichuan. Kungfu will awaken the practioner’s Essence (Jing), Enegy (Qi) , and spirit (Shen) by utilizing static and vigorous movements, forms, and partner exercises.  Deep stances are often used to increase leg strength and hip power.  The class is great for people of all levels.

Class time for Beginners: Private lessons only




7th Generation Immortal Kung fu- Grandmaster Zhang 

8th Generation Immortal Kung-Fu Scott Bendell