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Our Classes

Our classes stem from traditional practices beginning back over 2500 years ago.  Some of the notable practitioners of our arts were the famous writer of the Dao De Ching, Lao Tzu,  Zhang Daoling, (often known as Celestial Master Zhang) is also a contributor and practitioner of the Primordial Arts.  Zhang San Feng the famed and legendary organizer of Taijiquan as well as Tang Dynasty Immortal Lu Tong Pin and Han Zhong Li are also said to have contributed heavily to our arts.  
Each class is designed to teach a principle of ancient medicine.  When all of the arts are learned then you will be able to put them together to have a truly functional, practical, and comprehensive system of Spiritual awakening, health, and Martial awareness that will enable you to fulfill your personal path to Infinite Well-Being. 

Taijiquan (Tai Chi)

Tuesdays Beginners 6:15pm-7:15 pm

Baguazhang Advanced Students only or special permission

Xing Yi Chuan Privates Only

Okinawan Hakutsuru Privates Only

Primordial Kung Fu Privates only

Yoga: No Yoga for Summer - $12/class or 8 for $80