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Okinawan Shorin Ryu and Hakutsuru (White Crane Karate)

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Welcome to our Okinawan Hakutsuru (White Crane Karate) page!

Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu and Hakutsuru (White Crane) karate are both passed down from the founder Bushi Matsumura.  Bushi Matsumura, or Matsumura Sōkon (松村 宗棍) was one of the original karate masters of Okinawa. The years of his lifespan are reported variously as c.1809-1901[1] or 1798–1890[3] or 1809–1896[3] or 1800–1892.[3] However, the dates on the plaque at Matsumura's tomb, put there by Matsumura's family, clearly state that he was born in 1809 and died in 1899. "wikipedia". 


Bushi Matsumura learned Chinese Kung Fu in China and brought back these techniques where they were mixed with Okinawan Te (Hand).  In 1933 these techniques were named by Choshin Chibana Shorin-Ryu which translated 'Little Forest' paying homage to Shaolin monastery where the origins of the techniques came from.  Contained with the Shorin-Ryu were the secrets of the White Crane which was considered the highest level katas of the system.  There are several Matsumura White Crane kata and there are some kata coming from the famous Master Go kenki.


Go kenki's roots are in Fujian Province of China. In the 1900's he traveled from China and opened up a tea shop in Naha (the capital of Okinawa). Go kenki was a master of White Crane Kung fu and began to teach to many famous Karate masters there in Naha.  Under Gokenki, Hohan Soken who was the nephew of Nabe Matsumura, was the inheritor of Matsumura Seito Shorin Ryu.  Hohan Soken also learned the White Crane system from Gokenki, and also possibly learned it from his wife or aunt as it is shrouded in mystery.  Hohan Soken then passed on the system to the current living Grandmaster Takaya Yabiku.  Master Yabiku who learned many White Crane systems from China, Taiwan, and Japan.  Grandmaster Yabiku then taught late 8th Dan Chuck Chandler.  Kyoshi Chandler taught it to the current Master of the Kobukan Karate Federation who is ranked as a 6th Dan White Crane and 7th Dan Shorin Ryu, Kyoshi Larry Mark Vellucci.     

The White Crane is primarily an Internal system of Karate which involves many kinds of striking methods including wing blocks, 1 knuckle (Phoenix Eye Fist) and 2 knuckle (Eagle Beak) point striking. This system emphasizes evasiveness, and deception.  The Crane does not rely on physical power, but internal power.  It's wings can often blind you so you don't notice it's beak striking.  This is a very powerful fighting system for both men and women alike.