Needle Free Acupuncture

    Needle Free Acupuncture is not a modern concept but one that has been around since Acupuncture's origins.  Acupuncture used to be done using carved bones, crystals, rocks, and even pine needles that were simply touched to acu-points.  Needle Free Acupuncture in modern day utilizes what in Japan is known as the Teishin.  The Teishin looks much like a small, skinny,  metal pen and is composed of Titanium, copper, steel, or other metals.  There are many Teishin shapes depending on the purpose of the tool.  The Teishin is used much like an acupuncture needle only it is touched to an acupoint and held there for 30 seconds to several minutes rather than inserted beneath the skin.  Sometimes the Teishin is also used to massage or brush the skin rather than just being held.  The same theory as acupuncture is used while doing Teishin treatments and so extensive training is involved in learning how to do a Needle Free Acupuncture treatment. 


    Treatment time varies from conventional acupuncture as needles are not retained for 15-30 mins.  Typical Needle Free treatments tend to be a little shorter but the effects are same and sometimes even more powerful than conventional acupuncture depending on the person and practitioner.  Teishin training is a regular part of Toyohari and Hari systems and is used for kids and adults.  

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