Daoist Qigong Certification Program

      For those who are interested in learning authentic ancient Daoist Qigong/Neigong/Shengong for healing yourself and to be able to teach others at the same time then this is a program for you.  The Daoist Qigong Certification program will be based on the teachings of Mt. Qingcheng, Mt. Emei, and Eastern tibet and requires an intensive study of the major Qigong sets from these areas including Taoist Bagua Palm, Fire Dragon Qigong, Swimming Dragon, the 8 Inner Changes of Taijiquan, and more. 


     The program will be largely based around Mt. Qingcheng Daoist Bagua Palm exercises and the Fire Dragon Immortals who maintained a secret shadow immortal lineage passed down for 2500 years from Lao Tzu to Zhang Daoling, Zhang Liang, Zhang San Feng and the Shamans of the San Xing Dui Valley in Sichuan. 


      The program is best done in person however these classes will be recorded for those who cannot make them.  The course will consist of 12 modules in total and are listed below.  Each class will contain concepts of Daoist Qigong and will include sets that help you develop an aspect of your body, mind and spirit.  The end result will be a transformed "New You" which will have a set of tools that can be used and applied to any situation in life.  After you learn all the material you will then be required to demonstrate either in person or record on video the techniques and upload them to youtube, vimeo, etc.  Skype lessons will be available at $27/ half hour.  You may email questions any time.  A certificate of completion will be issued after you have passed the test. 


     This program is for serious participants because it requires you to spend time practicing in order to master your own body and mind.  The first classes will be held in summer of 2019 in Beachwood, NJ but are subject to change. (See Events page for dates)  The first class will cover a bit of history and the basics principles of Qigong in this school of thought.  

For registration please email scott@infinitewell-being.com or text 732-720-9653

Enrollment is limited to 12 students.  

Pricing will depend on length of workshop, an approximate range will be:

$225 for a weekend (10 hours)

$180 for 8 hours

$117 for a 1 day workshop (5 hours)

Program Workshops Required.  Daoist Bagua Palm - Heaven + Foundations must be taken 1st and #12 must be taken at the end. 

1.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Heaven + Foundations (10 hours)

2.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Earth (8 hours)

3.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Lightning (8 hours)

4.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Fire (8 hours)

5.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Water (8 Hours)

6.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Wind (8 Hours)

7.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Lake / Marsh (8 Hours)

8.) Daoist Bagua Palm - Mountain / Volcano (8 Hours)

9.) Fire Dragon Qigong- Level 1 and 2 (5 Hours)

10.) Swimming Dragon Qigong (5 hours)

11.) Taijiquan 8 Inner Changes (10 Hours)

12.) Opening the Dragon's Gate and Tiger Qigong (8 Hours)