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San Ti - Xing Yi Posture

Xingyiquan - Form Intention Fist

Xingyichuan was developed by General Yue Fei (24 March 1103 – 27 January 1142) who was famous in the Han Dynasty.  He is often considered a folk hero in China and was most noted for his supernatural abilities of using the Bow, spear-fighting, and military tactics. General Yue Fei also became most noted for 2 martial arts, Eagle Claw Boxing and Xingyiquan.  It was said that he taught his general army Eagle Claw, and his officers Xingyiquan.


Due to General Yue Fei’s inclination toward Spear and Bow, he used these principles in Xingyiquan giving it its unusual form.  Simple, straight forward, and to the point, Xingyiquan is known as a no nonsense art.  There are 5 ‘Elements’ in Xingyiquan based on the Chinese 5 Element theory.  Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth.  When practiced in this order it is known as the generative cycle and there is then the destructive cycle used against your opponent.



Each ‘Fist’ or element has an effect on your health, on an organ, and has a martial art principle. The 5 fists are known as:


Metal Fist – Pi Chuan -Splitting Fist

Water Fist – Tsuan Chuan – Drilling Fist

Wood Fist – Beng Chuan – Crushing Fist

Fire Fist – Pao Chuan – Pounding First

Earth Fist – Heng Chuan – Crossing First


After one learns the 5 Elements of Xing Yi then you can continue to go on and learn the 12 animals of Xingyichuan.

Xing Yi is done linearly and has little to no retreat methods.  Xing Yi is known for developing a very strong mind and will and helps you develop the ability to get things done.  Xing Yi is great for developing Inner organ power and strength, longevity, and will power.