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Baguazhang is often considered the most difficult of the 3 primary Daoist Internal Arts (Taijiquan and Xingyichuan being the other 2 arts).  Baguazhang incorporates the Daoist principles of Yin and Yang, or soft and hard, internal and external, giving and receiving and draws upon the arts of Taijiquan and Xingyiquan.  Baguazhang also incorporates the wisdom of the I-Ching as there are 8 gua or ‘Mother Palms’ which form the basis of the art. These 8 ‘Mother Palms’ are based on the 8 guiding principles found in the I-Ching. The guiding principles are as the following:


Qian or heaven

Kun or Earth

Li or Fire

Zheng or Lightning

Kan or Water

Xun or Wind

Dui or Lake / Valley

Geng or Mountain / volcano.

Each guiding principle or Gua stood for a concept philosophically and energetically. For example, Qian represents the energy that comes down from heaven and so it often represents a downward movement.  Qian energy is considered Pure Yang and is represented by 3 solid lines stacked over each other.  Performing the Qian palm helps the Large Intestine and represents the head.   Kun on the other hand represents Earth and is an energy that begins in the Earth and rises up towards heaven. Earth energy is considered the most Yin as it is represented by 3 broken lines.  The Kun gua also represents the Spleen, and the abdomen especially the lower Dantien energy center.


In Bagua there are 8 mother palms, 8 animal forms, and 8 Sanshou or Fighting forms.



The generally accepted founder of modern Baguazhang is Dong Hai Chuan who lived in the 1800s.  Dong Hai Chuan was said to have learned the first two palms of Heaven and Earth from a Daoist monk in the mountains of China and then combined it with his understanding of other martial arts to create the other 6 gua.  However there are older forms of Baguazhang that are 2500 years old that exist in West Sichuan, China.  Mt. Qingcheng Bagua is one of these examples and is considered a ‘Primordial’ form of Baguazhang which has many spiritual, medical, and self-defense aspects to it.  All movements come out of the Primordial Moving Taiji mudra that represents the dynamic balance of Yin and Yang as it extends out of the Formless void. Primordial Bagua differs from Dong Hai Chuan Bagua because of Primordial Bagua’s ability to change you from the inside out awakening your spiritual well-being. There are Standing methods, straightline walking methods, circle-walking forms, sitting forms, and partner forms as well as sounds incorporated in the Primordial methods.

Our lineage:


  1. Dong Hai Chuan

  2. Liang Zhen Pu

  3. Li Ziming

  4. Zhang Yuanming

  5. Scott Bendell


Mt. Qingcheng Bagua (Most Prominent Lineage Holders, Not the entire Lineage)

  1. Lao Tzu (Laozi)

  2. Zhang Daoling

  3. Zhang San Feng

  4. Pan Long

  5. Yin Yi

  6. Zhang Yuanming

  7. Scott Bendell

Bagua Circle at Palace of the Heavenly Dragon on Qingcheng Mountain.