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Daoist Primordial Taijiquan

(Tai Chi)

Taijiquan or commonly known as Tai Chi, is an internal / soft martial art very well known for its health benefits and defensive techniques.  It is considered a ‘Water’ art because we bring Chi or energy downward into our lower Dantien (Cinnabar or Medicine Field).  Taijiquan teaches us to yield to oncoming force much like water flows around a stone.  As we yield to our opponent’s force we are able to counteract and redirect their energy with eight different forces in any of the 5 different directions of North, South, East, West or Center. 

Primordial Taijiquan is a unique style of Taijiquan because it uses the ‘Primordial’ or ‘Pre-heaven’ Taiji moving mudra.  The Primordial Taiji movement circulates energy within our primary meridians of the Ren Mai and Du Mai which go down our center line and up our spine. The Three Dantiens of the body are then filled with energy and purged of negative energy at the same time.


With predominately slow moving movements, this art is considered a form of “meditation in motion” bringing inner peace and serenity to the mind, exercise for the body, and awakens your spiritual awareness.  Primordial Taijiquan contains powerful healing and self-defense methods and when mastered will greatly enhance your lifespan on its own.  Its principles can be applied to any form of Taijiquan that you already know as well.  


Here at Infinite Well-Being we focus primarily on awakening our inner dormant potential and maximizing our ability to become relaxed, efficient, and harmonize while learning self-defense at the same time.

Taijiquan is being offered as an ongoing class with open enrollment to all levels.