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Having trouble making it to our office? Home visits are now available for any of our services in up to a 20 minute drive from our office in Beachwood.  

Acupuncturist and Instructor

Scott A. Bendell. M.Ac., L.Ac. 

Licensed Acupuncturist

18th Gen. Longmen pai


Scott Bendell is a graduate of the New England School of Acupuncture (2002) and began his study of ancient healing traditions over 26 years ago though the martial arts.   Always believing in the unlimited (infinite) healing potential and capability of human beings, he decided after graduating with a BS in civil engineering to embark on his deeper passions of healing, energetic work, and Internal Martial Arts.  Scott studied several forms of acupuncture at the New England School of Acupuncture (1999-2002) including, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean acupuncture forms, auricular (ear) acupuncture, Non-insertive needleing techniques, tuina (chinese medical massage), acupressure, and Qigong tuina (energy healing).


During school Scott met a Daoist Grandmaster who was the head of a 2500 year old tradition of martial arts and Qigong.  Scott apprenticed with Grandmaster and began teaching parts of his system immediately after graduating acupuncture school.   In 2009 Scott was drawn to another master named Ching Feng Dao Shr/Lama Ngakpa, (Pure Wind Taoist Teacher/Lama The One who awakens dormant potential) and began his study of the Kunlun System, an extremely powerful and quick self-healing system.  Recognizing his teacher's bodhisattva (compassionate) nature and highly advanced skills, Scott continually studies with him and has since became a Certified Apprentice under Ching Feng Dao Shr.




Getting Here:

Exits 80 and 81 off the GSP. From Toms River take route 166 South through downtown into Beachwood, Office is located next to Two Sisters Ice Cream. From South follow Route 9 North and merge onto Atlantic City Blvd.  Located at corner of Beachwood Blvd. and Atlantic City Blvd. 

Our Address:

245 Atlantic City Blvd. 

Beachwood, NJ 08722


ph. 848-221-2791

fax. 848-221-2796

text 732-720-9653